Travel Photography by Don Silcock

Don Silcock in Papua New Guinea

Don Silcock in PNG

Welcome to Nomadicpixel – my name is Don Silcock and I started this site few years ago as somewhere to post the images from my travels and to start writing about the places I visit.

My primary photography at that time was the underwater variety and my scuba diving website is where I document my underwater adventures.

So Nomadicpixel began as the travel equivalent, but a funny thing happened in 2013 when I rediscovered my long lost love of motorcycling as a result of signing up for Rally Indochina and a bike trip riding the Ho Chi Minh Trail on a classic Russian Ural.

My experiences on the Ho Chi Minh Trail opened up a whole new area of interest to me…

Basically I realized that adventure motorcycling can get you to some really interesting and photogenic locations – places that you would not normally be able to see and photograph, unless it’s from the window of a car or bus!

In the Himalayas - the Worlds' Most Dangerous Road?

In the Himalayas – the Worlds’ Most Dangerous Road?

So as I have started to explore the roads less traveled, Nomadicpixel evolved in to more of a travel blog with pictures and I try to use my camera to record the most interesting and photogenic locations I visit on my those journey and provide a little vignette of some of the intriguing people I meet on the way.

I hope you enjoy reading about them as much I enjoy photographing & writing about them!

Don Silcock – August, 2015