The Humpback Whales of Tonga

Winter comes early in the Antarctic and by May each year the humpback whales of Tonga know that it is time for them to leave their rich feeding grounds and start their annual migration north in to the Pacific Ocean. The "Tongan Tribe" will … [Read more...]

Article: Riding the HCM Trail

Riding the Ho Chi Minh Trail in 2013 was very much my introduction to what is generally referred to as "adventure motorcycling" - a vague term that seems to have many definitions... For me it means traveling by motorcycle to somewhere you would … [Read more...]

Cious Magazine: Harbin Ice and Snow Festival

Winter in Harbin is a cold and visceral thing where night-time temperatures often drive the mercury past minus 30 degrees C and the phrase “chilled to the bone” takes on a whole new meaning in there... But, tempting as it may be to stay … [Read more...]

Living in Bali… Something I Just Had To Do!

The latest issue of Cious magazine in Bali has just published a short article of mine on living here on the Island of the Gods... Cious was started in early 2012 and is the largest travel magazine in Bali. It specializes in articles written … [Read more...]

The Facial Tattoos of Oro Province

The beautiful tropical fiords of Cape Nelson offer some of the most spectacular scenery in Papua New Guinea and if you combine those views with the excellent scuba diving on the isolated offshore reefs, it is easy to understand why the area draws … [Read more...]

Papua New Guinea – Tufi Village Home Stay

Papua New Guinea is a fascinating country which unfortunately suffers from a bad reputation. I count myself fortunate to have traveled fairly extensively around the PNG, but mainly on the coasts of the many islands for scuba diving and the interior … [Read more...]