Tibetan Plateau – Mandalas at Xinkangmao

The monk must have been watching, as we made our way up the track to the remote Tibetan monastery at Xinkangmao, because as we approached the main compound the door opened and he beckoned me inside. It was one of those moments that makes travel in … [Read more...]

Holy Cow – Bovine Retirement Homes…

One of the more puzzling aspects of initial visits to India is the revered status of cows. Not that I have anything against the things personally, but the way they are able to wander around at will and cause general havoc amongst the already … [Read more...]

Bali: The Royal Cremation in Ubud

Royal cremations in Ubud simply don't happen very often - so when they do you can expect a large turnout of both locals, who come to pay their respects, and tourists eager to witness the ceremony. Ubud is, in many ways, the artistic and … [Read more...]

The Facial Tattoos of Oro Province

The Facial Tattoos of Oro Province... The beautiful tropical fiords of Cape Nelson offer some of the most spectacular scenery in Papua New Guinea. Combine those views with the excellent scuba diving on the isolated offshore reefs and it is easy to … [Read more...]

The Puri Puri men of Tufi

The Puri Puri men of Tufi... The path through the rain-forest was steep and still slippery from the previous nights rain. And I could sense the handful of people from the Fiyogha clan watching me closely as we made our way down to the gully towards … [Read more...]

Papua New Guinea Village Homestay

.Papua New Guinea Village Homestay... I am blaming it all on Tim Flannery. I used to think I was quite adventurous until I read “Throwim Way Leg” about his adventures in PNG. As a keen diver and underwater photographer, Papua New Guinea is one of … [Read more...]