Buying a Vespa in Bali – Not Quite What it Seems!

Buying a Vespa in Bali was something I always promised myself I would do one day and a couple of years ago, after we had built our house here, I decided to make good on that promise... Vespas were the standard village transport prior to the … [Read more...]

Photographing Borobudur in Central Java

Borobudur is simply one of the most spectacular cultural monuments in Indonesia. But it is also one of the country's most visited tourist attractions, so it can be quite challenging to photograph without having dozens of people in the frame. But … [Read more...]

Pampang Dayak Village in Kalimantan

The Dayaks of Borneo are the original, non-Muslim, indigenous people of this huge island  – the third largest in the world. Traditionally they lived in the dense rainforest areas along the upper reaches of the big rivers of Borneo, in small … [Read more...]

Bali: The Royal Cremation in Ubud

Royal cremations in Ubud simply don't happen very often - so when they do you can expect a large turnout of both locals, who come to pay their respects, and tourists eager to witness the ceremony. Ubud is, in many ways, the artistic and … [Read more...]

Below Decks on the Caribbean Cruise Ships

Sometimes conversations are meant to happen... Last weekend I made the long journey from my home in the south of Bali at Canggu, to Secret Bay at Gillimanuk on the western tip of the island, to do some scuba diving. It's not that far, only about … [Read more...]

Living in Bali… Something I Just Had To Do!

The latest issue of Cious magazine in Bali has just published a short article of mine on living here on the Island of the Gods... Cious was started in early 2012 and is the largest travel magazine in Bali. It specializes in articles written … [Read more...]