Salim Jaffer – Secular Islam Personified!

The catalyst was the vegetarian omelet... Sunday mornings are always busy at the "Cowboy Cafe", a popular diner in the town of Minden in Northern Nevada where the company I work for has its headquarters. The counter is the best bet if you want … [Read more...]

Brendan Best – Quintessential Kiwi!

Sometimes the most obvious questions are the hardest to ask and so it was the first time I met Kiwi Brendan Best! The occasion was the kick-off "meet and greet" for Rally IndoChina's trip down North Vietnam's Ho Chi Minh Trail and the location was … [Read more...]

Below Decks on the Caribbean Cruise Ships

Sometimes conversations are meant to happen... Last weekend I made the long journey from my home in the south of Bali at Canggu, to Secret Bay at Gillimanuk on the western tip of the island, to do some scuba diving. It's not that far, only about … [Read more...]

Shai Ram Sharma, Jaipur in Rajasthan

Sometimes you just automatically connect with people... so it was with Shai Ram Sharma as I wandered around near the City Palace in Jaipur in Rajasthan up in the north-west India. Street and people photography is not really my forte, … [Read more...]