Ural on the Ho Chi Minh Trail – Mai Chau to Vinh

Ural on the Ho Chi Minh Trail... After the excitement of heading out from Hanoi with Charlie Boorman, and the overnight stay in the stilt houses of Mai Chau. It was time to get in the saddle of the Russian Urals and do some real riding. This time … [Read more...]

Riding the HCM Trail – The Stilt Houses of Mai Chau

The Stilt houses of Mai Chau... It's one thing to plan a big adventure. But it's quite another when the day of reckoning finally arrives. Specifically when it's time to ride that Russian Ural out in to the Vietnamese traffic for the first … [Read more...]

Riding the HCM Trail on the Russian Ural

Riding the HCM Trail on the Russian Ural... As they say in equine circles, horses for courses and in many ways the Russian Ural motorcycle is perfectly suited for the roads and traffic in Vietnam. An idiosyncratic machine based on an … [Read more...]

Vietnam – Riding The Ho Chi Minh Trail

Riding The Ho Chi Minh Trail... Vietnam's almost mythical Ho Chi Minh trail conjures images of a single track. One that runs through the mountain ranges and down the spine of the country. With Vietcong soldiers hand-carrying supplies to their … [Read more...]

Feral Scooters – A Very Eclectic Gathering in Ubud

Feral Scooters... We heard the first one before we saw it! And it sounded kind of somewhere in between a chain saw and a garden whipper-snipper. My first reaction was it was that either it was some kind of joke, or maybe an Indonesian version of … [Read more...]