Riding the HCM Trail on the Russian Ural

As they say in equine circles, horses for courses, and Explore Indochina's fleet of 49 Russian Ural motorcycles are (in my opinion...) perfectly suited for the roads and traffic in Vietnam. An idiosyncratic machine based on an original German … [Read more...]

Riding the Ho Chi Minh Trail – A Great Cause!

Officially, street kids don't exist in Vietnam... but the reality is that they do - lots of them. Some have run away from home, some are victims of human trafficking while others of downright slavery and all need help, but as they don't exist … [Read more...]

Vietnam – Riding The Ho Chi Minh Trail

Vietnam's mythical Ho Chi Minh trail conjures images of a single track through the mountain ranges that run down the spine of the country, with Vietcong soldiers hand-carrying supplies to their brothers-in-arms on the front line. But in reality … [Read more...]