India – The English Beer and Wine Shop

One of the many interesting things about India are the things the British left behind when they departed, be that the railway system through to the civil service bureaucracy, there are numerous signs of where they left their mark and my personal favourite are the “English Beer and Wine Shops” in the capital Delhi.

They are very common and are the equivalent of the Australian bottle shop, but why they are English escapes me…

The English Beer and Wine Shop

The English Beer and Wine Shop

They sell beer by the bottle and are very popular in the evening when groups of men gather around and drink Kingfisher Strong, a 6% strength local brew that is very popular because of its potency. There does not appear to be much wine sold, but cheap local whisky is in abundant supply and the deal seems to be to sink a couple of strong beers and then switch over to the really strong stuff.

This particular establishment was just beside the hotel I was staying at in Gurgaon, the new business district to the south of Delhi – which I am sure will be very nice if its ever finished!

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