Living in Bali… Something I Just Had To Do!

The latest issue of Cious magazine in Bali has just published a short article of mine on living here on the Island of the Gods…

Living in Bali article in Cious magazine

Living in Bali article in Cious magazine

Cious was started in early 2012 and is the largest travel magazine in Bali.

It specializes in articles written by “local” writers focused on local culture, traditions and the “secret places” on the island that are not on the typical tourist itineraries…

They do a regular section on Living in Bali, which is written by expats (or Bule’s as the Balinese call us…) and explains why that person decided to move here.

It was a real pleasure to be asked to do the one for this issue because it made me think about why we actually moved here and I came to the conclusion that it was just something we had to do!

You can access the complete article on Living in Bali on the link provided and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

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