Portfolio Image: Early Morning at Uepi Island

Uepi Island dive resort is a great place to get introduced to the excellent diving of the Marovo Lagoon on the south-east tip of the main island of New Georgia, in the Solomon Islands.

I spent ten days there in May this year and had some great diving and captured some really good underwater images, but I really wanted to get a couple of nice shots that capture the essence of Uepi, which as the owners Grant & Jill Kelly like to describe as a no-star resort in a 5 star location!

So most mornings I was up early to try and catch the light during the “Golden Hour”, which on the Marovo Lagoon seems to be compressed in to the “Golden 5 minutes”…

I got this image of Uepi Island jetty a couple of days before I left and was really surprised when the clouds suddenly cleared just as the sun was rising – I guess it just shows the old adage that 50% of success comes from turning up!

Sunrise on Uepi Jetty

Sunrise on Uepi Jetty

Nikon D800, Nikon 16-35 lens at 16mm, tripod, no filter, f11 for 30s and ISO 200

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