Portfolio Image: The Solomons – Munda Market

Munda is a small town on the south coast of the island of New Georgia in the Western Province of the Solomon Islands.

Friday is market day and from dawn onwards heavily loaded canoes and small boats make their way across and around Roviana Lagoon to Munda so that they can sell the things they grow in their gardens and raise some cash. Away from the capital Honiara, virtually all of the Solomon Islands is a subsistence economy, whereby the land and the sea can provide the staples of life but there are very few luxuries.

Apart from beer that is – well in Munda anyway… Around the center of town, in an area called Lambete, everywhere you look you will see discarded Solbrew cans and it seems the menfolk spend whatever cash is available on beer. So of course on a Friday when there is more money about the 3 local beer shops seem to do a roaring trade and by sundown there are a lot of inebriated local men staggering about – something I tried to capture in this image.

It has to be said that generally the men of the Solomon Islands seem to be happy drunks and I saw virtually no violence while I was there for 12 days.

Sunset on a Friday afternoon at Munda market in the Solomon Islands

Sunset on a Friday afternoon at Munda market in the Solomon Islands

Nikon D800 in DX mode, Nikon 16-35 lens at 32mm (effectively 48mm because of DX setting), no filter, f11 for 1/80s and ISO 100

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