Riding Tibet – Lhasa’s Old Tibetan Quarter

Riding Tibet was the culmination of many years of wondering what this mystical region on the roof of the world was really like and while there are manifold ways to prepare for such a journey, for me there were only two real options - research it all … [Read more...]

Getting to Sertar in the Kham Region of Sichuan

Getting to Sertar was probably the toughest journey I have ever made in China - 14 hours of grueling driving with virtually no amenities along the way. The journey was particularly bad because it was done in May 2015 at the peak of the highway … [Read more...]

A Night in North Korea

Mixed feelings probably best describes my reaction to the offer of a night in North Korea - I was in the scenic and historic Chinese city of Hangzhou on a business trip and had accepted an offer of dinner. When I asked where we would be eating, … [Read more...]

Buying a Vespa in Bali – Not Quite What it Seems!

Buying a Vespa in Bali was something I always promised myself I would do one day and a couple of years ago, after we had built our house here, I decided to make good on that promise... Vespas were the standard village transport prior to the … [Read more...]

The Humpback Whales of Tonga

Winter comes early in the Antarctic and by May each year the humpback whales of Tonga know that it is time for them to leave their rich feeding grounds and start their annual migration north in to the Pacific Ocean. The "Tongan Tribe" will … [Read more...]

Face to face with a Tibetan Sky Burial

My Chinese friend Jun Quan and I had traveled through the Amdo area of the Tibetan Plateau, in the north-east of Sichuan in to Gansu province to visit the two well-known Serti and Kerti Gompa Buddhist monasteries in the town of Langmusi. We spent … [Read more...]