Getting to Sertar in the Kham Region of Sichuan

Getting to Sertar was probably the toughest journey I have ever made in China - 14 hours of grueling driving with virtually no amenities along the way. The journey was particularly bad because it was done in May 2015 at the peak of the highway … [Read more...]

A Night in North Korea

Mixed feelings probably best describes my reaction to the offer of a night in North Korea - I was in the scenic and historic Chinese city of Hangzhou on a business trip and had accepted an offer of dinner. When I asked where we would be eating, … [Read more...]

Face to face with a Tibetan Sky Burial

My Chinese friend Jun Quan and I had traveled through the Amdo area of the Tibetan Plateau, in the north-east of Sichuan in to Gansu province to visit the two well-known Serti and Kerti Gompa Buddhist monasteries in the town of Langmusi. We spent … [Read more...]

China: Tibetan Plateau – The road to Langmusi

High up in the Amdo area of the Tibetan Plateau, in the north-east tip of Sichuan Province and straddling the border with neighboring Gansu, is the small scenic town of Langmusi and its two monasteries. I traveled there in April 2014 from … [Read more...]

China: Tibetan Plateau – The Waqie Pagodas

The Ruoergai Grasslands in the northwest of Sichuan Province was where we were headed, but it's a two-day drive from our starting point in Chengdu and our journey took us high up on to the Tibetan Plateau through the area devastated by the 2008 … [Read more...]

Dong Chong Xia Cao – The Chinese Winter Insect, Summer Herb

In May 2015 I traveled with my good Chinese friend Jun Quan from Chengdu, the capital city of Sichuan, up to the north-west of the province to Sertar in the Daxue mountains and the incredible Larung Gar Buddhist Institute - the largest Tibetan … [Read more...]