Travelling on the Tibetan Plateau – Getting to Sertar

Getting to Sertar was probably the toughest journey I have ever made in China. 14 hours of grueling driving with virtually no amenities along the way. The journey was particularly bad because it was done at the peak of the highway re-construction … [Read more...]

Travelling on the Tibetan Plateau – Tibetan Sky Burial

Tibetan Sky Burial... My Chinese friend Jun Quan and I had traveled through the Amdo area of the Tibetan Plateau. Arriving in the north-east of Sichuan Province on the border with Gansu Province at the town of Langmusi. We wanted to visit the two … [Read more...]

Travelling on the Tibetan Plateau – The Road to Langmusi

The Road to Langmusi... High up in the Amdo area of the Tibetan Plateau is the small scenic town of Langmusi. Located in the north-east tip of Sichuan Province, Langmusi straddles the border with neighboring Gansu Province. Langmusi is known … [Read more...]

Travelling on the Tibetan Plateau – The Waqie Pagodas

The Waqie Pagodas... The Ruoergai Grasslands in the northwest of Sichuan Province was where we were headed. But it's a two-day drive from our starting point in Chengdu and our journey took us high up on to the Tibetan Plateau through the area … [Read more...]

Tibetan Plateau – Mandalas at Xinkangmao

Monks and Mandalas... The monk must have been watching, as we made our way up the track to the remote Tibetan monastery at Xinkangmao. Because as we approached the main compound the door opened and he beckoned me inside. It was one of those … [Read more...]

Tibetan Plateau Earthquake Zones

Tibetan Plateau Earthquake Zones... Our journey to the Tibetan Plateau began in Sichuan Province and the city of Chengdu. Chengdu has grown rapidly to become the fourth largest city in China, with a population of around 15 million. But it was … [Read more...]