Island of the Gods – The Royal Cremation in Ubud

Royal Cremation in Ubud... Events like these simply don't happen very often. So when they do you can expect a large turnout of both locals, who come to pay their respects, and tourists eager to witness the ceremony. Ubud is, in many ways, the … [Read more...]

The Balinese House Blessing Ceremony

The Balinese House Blessing Ceremony... Bali is after all the "Island of the Gods" so I guess it should have come as no surprise that before construction could start on our house in Canggu there had to be a ceremony. The house blessing … [Read more...]

Feral Scooters – A Very Eclectic Gathering in Ubud

Feral Scooters... We heard the first one before we saw it! And it sounded kind of somewhere in between a chain saw and a garden whipper-snipper. My first reaction was it was that either it was some kind of joke, or maybe an Indonesian version of … [Read more...]